30 Aug 2013

My First Post

Everything has a first attempt. It is always difficult to make the first step. So, I just want to keep this simple in the current stage. This will be a platform for me to express myself though saying random things and posting nice photos (hopefully). And, I like to think but I have a poor memory so I decided to keep it somewhere and share with the people who are the same as me.

So this will be about me, about my life - normal but unique. In a narrow sense, my life is about eat, sleep, play, learn, love and give. In a wider sense, my life is about realisation of things come across me.

I always read people's blog and I am so excited to write my own! I think that one of the element of a blog post should be 'photo'. So I am posting photo in my first blog post. This photo was taken earlier this year in Tenerife. It can represent me trying to take the first step.

May 2013 Tenerife

1 comment:

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